Dream of: 08 August 1988 "Defending Prostitutes"

I walked into a courtroom where judge Mike Schwille was apparently the judge, but the place seemed more than anything like a large church. Back in one corner were four prisoners, men probably in their 50s, who seemed to be talking in Spanish. I walked up to them and began talking with them in Spanish. It appeared none were even wearing shirts. I asked if there were any more of them, and they told me some more would be coming out.

Quite a few lawyers were waiting to be appointed by the judge to represent the prisoners. I wasn't dressed up to represent anyone as a lawyer and I told myself I should have worn a tie and jacket.

I had been drinking quite a bit of alcohol that day and I was fairly intoxicated, but I really didn't care about that. In fact I didn't seem to care about much of anything at the moment. I wasn't even concerned about not having a tie and jacket. One fairly friendly lawyer told me if I went into a back room, someone named Peggy would give me a tie and jacket. I walked toward the back room, and thought the person I was actually looking for was Marsha (who used to work in Schwille's court).

Once in the back room, I saw a white jacket on a hangar. I picked up the jacket and then noticed a tie hanging on the wall. Just as I started to put on the jacket, Coppock (a former fellow law student) stepped up, said the jacket was his and took it away from me.

Finally I found another jacket, put it on and walked back out into the courtroom just as another group of about ten prisoners was being brought in. The prisoners were all women, some quite attractive and elegantly dressed in furs. I realized the women were all prostitutes. That was rather surprising to me, because in the past when I had seen women brought in on the jail chain, they had usually been ugly and slovenly, but these women were obviously all high-class, high-paid prostitutes.

Since I hadn't put my name on the list of lawyers to be appointed to represent the prisoners, and since so many lawyers were there whose names were on the list, I knew I probably wouldn't be appointed today to represent any prisoners.

When the prostitutes said something, I jumped up and said a vulgar word, hoping thereby the prostitutes would know I was on their side. I thought there should be no law against prostitution. Such laws were unjust. I knew half the lawyers in the room didn't even care about things like that. They were only there to make money.

The judge then entered and appointed a lawyer to represent an attractive prostitute. When the lawyer and the prostitute walked by me, the prostitute stopped and reached out her hand to shake my hand. I held out my hand to her and said, "I'll represent you for nothing."

She seemed to want me to represent her and she turned to go tell the other prostitutes. Before she left, I told her to tell the others to sit down in a corner and I would be with them in a minute. The lawyer looked disdainfully at me. He obviously realized she didn't have to use him and that she could let me represent her, as well as the other prostitutes. I knew all the other lawyers were going to be upset about my representing the prostitutes for free, because the lawyers then wouldn't get paid anything, but at this point, I didn't really care. All I wanted to do was try to help these women.

All the prostitutes sat down except the one with whom I had spoken. She returned to me, and after I had put my arms around her and held her tight, I walked with her toward the others. I wondered what it would be like to kiss her in front of everyone here. I didn't care about causing a scandal. I only cared about helping these women.

I sat down with the other prostitutes, with my arms still around the one prostitute. As I sat there, I began slipping my hand under her dress until I finally was able to slip my hand under her panties and feel her pubic hairs.

Finally I began talking about the legal cases against them. I no longer felt intoxicated, but now felt very sober and alert. I was ready to help these women. I told them I only wanted to hear about what evidence the authorities had against them. One prostitute began talking. She explained how they lived in a large house. She said someone had told them that they should have someone go in the house with them to protect them. That was why they had been taking men into the house.

It was obvious she was just making up the story to explain why the men were coming in the house. But I told her I didn't care whether they were actually engaged in prostitution. My only concern was to help them out of this situation. I said to one of them, "I only want to know what evidence they have. I don't care whether or not you actually did it. I just want to keep you from going to jail."

She started talking, but I said, "First I want to explain something to you."

I then began explaining that in order for solicitation of prostitution to occur, there must be an offer and acceptance.

In the meantime, I continued feeling the pubic hairs of the prostitute sitting next to me. I was unsure where this was going to lead, but it certainly felt good holding her here at the moment.

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