Dream of: 07 August 1988 (2) "Shoe In My Seat"

I was sitting in the front row of a movie theater watching a movie on a screen about two by two meters large. The screen was only about a meter away from me. Five or six black boys (probably 15-16 years old) walked in, and one came closer and closer to me until he was right in front of me blocking my view of the screen. After sitting here a while, I finally told him that he was blocking my view, but he didn't want to get out of my way. Finally he and I began arguing. The altercation escalated until I finally decided to go back and talk to the manager.

As I headed back down the aisle, I could see a female usher dressed in a red uniform standing up at the beginning of the aisle. I signaled her to come to where I was. When she reached me, I pointed to the seat where I had been sitting. But then I realized I had pointed out the wrong seat and that I had actually been sitting in another seat. I walked over to the correct seat where I had been sitting and pointed to it.

The boy who had been blocking my view was now sitting in my seat. But he no longer looked like a boy instead he looked like a stylish, brown, leather shoe. He was still the boy, although he had turned into a shoe, and he was sitting in my seat. I was now concerned about getting him out of my seat and I talked to the usher about it.

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