Dream of: 06 August 1988 "A Tiny Little Book"

 Sitting and talking with Kay (dressed in a low cut dress), I was surprised by how attractive she appeared. I was holding a tiny little book which I wanted want to give her; I thought I might stick it down the front of her dress. And so I did actually stick the book down her dress. In the process I first felt her left and then her right breast. When I began squeezing her breasts, she acted as if she were trying to stop me, but she really didn't resist much. I continued squeezing until finally we were both nude together.

She struggled somewhat against me as I tried to insert my penis into her vagina. When she finally clearly wanted me to insert, I felt as if I were going to climax before I could do so. I raised myself up over her stomach and spewed a gigantic climax. The white sperm covered her entire stomach. She looked shocked by what I had done. I didn't know what to do. I myself was surprised by what I had done.

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