Dream of: 05 August 1988 "Spending Time With People"

I was standing among some other people gathered behind a railing. I was looking out over either a river or a creek, but I was unsure whether I was on land or on a boat. I noticed some fish in the water, and some people fishing from the opposite bank. I watched the people throw their fishing lines into the water and I could see the bobbers in the water. Suddenly one person got a strike on his line and the fishing pole bent down. The fishing line pulled down into the water and began circling around until it was near where I was, right below me. I thought I could see a fish in the water, but it was unclear. Suddenly the line went limp the fish had escaped.

Along the edge of the water right below me was a wall, and it looked to me as if the fish (which I thought was rather large) had slipped through the hole. An older man standing next to me also noticed it and pointed it out to me.

I hollered to the person who had had the fish on the line, to throw the hook straight down below me. The person did so.

Suddenly I noticed many large round-shaped fish appearing right below me.

I began looking at the people standing around me probably around 10 of them. One man in particular caught my attention. His teeth appeared to be yellow and not in good shape.

I wondered why I was even here. I thought I spent a lot of time in close proximity to people, and I wondered why I did that, because I really didn't like being around people very much.

I looked to the shore on the opposite bank. There were no trees on it and it appeared it might be used for some kind of farm land. There were no animals around. I thought about how man had gotten rid of the animals so only people were left. I ended up spending so much time with people, and not with animals. I didn't know why I did that, because I would rather be alone. The people around me were the same way. They spent their time with other people.

Finally I turned around and saw some rooms behind me. I knew that a woman whom I knew well was in one of the rooms. I thought she was back there sewing a dress. I thought I might go back and see the woman. She was a friend of mine. She was a hard worker and it seemed that every time I saw her she was working. I thought I might go back, sit down and talk with her a while.

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