Dream of: 29 July 1988 "Europa And Fardo"

I was swimming in nice blue water somewhere in a tourist area in the southern hemisphere. I knew that French was the language spoken here. Out in the water I encountered two women and a man, and we all swam together into a deep area. Finally I introduced myself, saying, "Hi, I'm Steve."

One of the women said, "Hi, I'm Europa."

She told me the other woman's name was "Fardo" and also the name of the man. They all were friendly and we got along quite well together. They were all from Australia and were also tourists. Europa was beautiful and had striking features. She was blonde (around 20 years old). I immediately liked her.

I was wearing a mask which I could pull down over my eyes so I could see under water. I swam on my back for a while, and managed to bump into the women a couple times. I continued swimming for a while until I finally reached a bank which I climbed onto. From here I could look back to where I had been. In fact, I seemed elevated and able to look back out over the area. Only now it seemed as if I was in a winding creek. I said something about not having seen any fish here. Although I knew fishing wouldn't be allowed here, I wondered any way if any fish were in the water.

When a little boy (probably 7-8 years old) walked up and, I spoke with him about some waterfalls. He called them "cataracts." I thought it was a French word meaning "waterfalls." The boy said the cataracts were right up ahead. I told Europa about the waterfalls and then we all continued swimming along. I then heard a rumbling sound, and quickly concluded that we were headed for the waterfalls. In fact, not far away in the intricate channels of water I cold now see, I noticed a waterfalls, although it wasn't the same one I thought we were headed for. I think we needed to be careful.

Instead of reaching any waterfalls, I finally came to a bank which I raised myself up onto. There I could see a city street. It looked as if the stream flowed under the street and I made a joke about our going into the sewage system, even though the water was obviously kept separate from the sewage system. It seemed obvious that we weren't going to be able to go under the street. I mentioned that it would be nice if I had a map of the water system.

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