Dream of: 27 July 1988 "Collage Pictures"

A fellow (who reminded me somewhat of my high school friend, Steve Buckner) and I were hiking along in a brownish area devoid of vegetation which had large rocks lying around. I was unsure that we were allowed to be here. Finally I saw a large rock perhaps a meter in diameter which had colorful, intricate pictures on it. Looking at them, I realized that I could peel off one picture - like peeling off a piece of paper - and that another picture was below it. One picture showed what appeared to be either an Aztec, Inca or Mayan figurine. It was of a man sitting with his legs crossed. Another picture seemed to be of a Christian religion motif, perhaps the scene of the birth of Christ. Another picture showed the politician Jesse Jackson pointing to something with his black middle finger.

The pictures appeared to be part of the rock and had formed on it in a natural process. I decided to take some of the pictures with me to use in collages. I thought they would be excellent, original pictures to use on a collage. It even seemed that we had been doing something which had to do with making collages and both the other person and I were interested in making collages.

Suddenly we heard something nearby and saw a few rough-looking, belligerent men show up not far from us. We immediately knew that the men were here to harm us because they didn't want anyone around the pictures. I crumpled the pictures up which I had in my hand and threw them down beside the rock. I was afraid the men would see what I had done, but at least I didn't have anything in my hand.

Suddenly the other fellow and I both began running to the right across a grassy field. In the distance I could see a highway with cars on it. I thought if we could just make it to the cars, we could get some help.

We ran as fast as we could. More men showed up and about 20 of them began chasing us. The other fellow began falling behind, but I kept running. Finally he stopped and gave up. I could see the men catch him. I knew that the men were beating him and that they might even kill him. I kept running as fast as I could toward the cars. If I could just reach the cars, we might be able to send someone back to help him.

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