Dream of: 26 July 1988 "Mice Dung"

I was at the home of Sharon (my legal assistant) and I was discussing my law business with her. I was concerned about whether Sharon (who had been collecting my legal fees for me) had been keeping proper accounting records for me. I wanted to know how much money was coming in and how much was going out. I figured I had probably already taken in around $20,000, but I had only received about $2,000 of that. So I wanted to know what was happening to the rest of the money.

Sharon (who was walking around and not in a wheelchair) and I went into the next room, where I found Sharon's roommate Gail lying on a couch. I began explaining my concerns about the unaccounted-for money, and I wanted to know if Gail had been keeping the books correctly. Referring to the need for keeping accurate books, I told Sharon and Gail that I was I to insist on the records being kept on a daily basis. If it wasn't done, I was going to begin picking up the money each day and making the disbursements myself, rather than having them do it.

I explained that I was afraid that if I checked the books I would find income of about $20,000, but only $15,000 worth of accounted disbursements. Sharon and Gail both looked shocked that I would suggest such a thing, as if it were impossible that such a thing could happen.

I walked over to a dresser where I thought they were keeping the receipts for business expenses. I opened the top drawer and noticed some mice dung. I became concerned that mice might even be eating up some of the receipts.

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