Dream of: 25 July 1988 "Hovering Presence"

As I drove a car down the road, it suddenly occurred to me that I was dreaming, and I recalled I had recently been reading about lucid dreaming. I pulled up to a stop sign and wondered where I would go next. Suddenly I decided I would like to go to my Cabin, and I thought I needed to turn left. But then I recalled having read something by a man who had said when he was having a lucid dream and needed to go somewhere, he would simply fly there.

I thought I would like to try that, but I stopped to consider what all that would entail. I would have to open the car door, get out and then take off flying. But then I decided since this was a dream, I didn't even have to get out of the car. I would simply make myself fly off without even getting out of the car. I just leaned to the left, the car seemed to disappear and I began flying along headed for the Cabin.

As I flew, I continued thinking about the fact that I was dreaming. I seemed so conscious, I wondered if I was indeed actually dreaming. If I was dreaming, I must be in a very light state of dreaming. I really didn't know how it could be possible that I would be dreaming this.

I began to wonder where I was sleeping. It seemed as if I was lying on my back somewhere. Suddenly it seemed as if I moved while I was lying on my back, and that concerned me, because I was afraid I would fall off the bed. I wanted to be still and rigid. It seemed rather hard underneath me. Perhaps I was actually lying on a tiled floor. I lay there thinking, "Where am I? Where am I?"

Suddenly I heard an unfamiliar buzzing noise, which concerned me. I decided to wake up, and immediately I did so. I said, "Where am I?"

I sat up and realized I was sitting on a floor. I looked around the room, but couldn't figure out where I was. I noticed to my left a bed in the room, and it looked as if my mother were lying in the bed, although it was too dark for me to see her distinctly. I asked, "Where am I?"

My mother spoke and told me not to get in bed with her. I continued looking about until I finally realized I was in the front living room of the House in Patriot. Since my mother obviously didn't want me in the room, I stood and walked to the next room. I realized I could easily walk through the House, even though it was dark, because I knew it so well.

I left the door open behind me upon entering the kitchen/dining room area, and I noticed a couch with no legs on it in on one side of the room. My sister (15-16 years old) was lying on the couch. She was awake looking at me. I walked over to her and began taking off my clothes. I said to her, "Is there any room for me in there?"

She replied, "What are your motives?"

I answered, "The best in the world."

I continued taking off my clothes, until I was down to some long underwear I was wearing, which rather embarrassed me. Before I had finished taking off all my clothes, I started to get in bed with her. But she pushed me away and said she didn't want me in the bed. Finally she spoke so loudly, I was afraid my mother was going to hear what she was saying. I was afraid my sister was going to mention that she and I had had some sexual encounters when we had both been younger. Finally I simply tried to calm her down and get away from her. I wanted to just lie down over to the side. Finally she said, "It was you."

I knew she was referring to the fact that I had been the one who had initiated the sexual encounters when we had both been younger. It seemed that all this time she had thought she had initiated the encounters, but now she realized I had been the one. I knew it, and now she knew it.

I lay down and stretched out by myself. I was disturbed by what was going on. And now suddenly I felt some kind of presence, like a cat, hovering over me. I was afraid it was going to attack me and hurt me. It was quite frightening being there.

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