Dream of: 19 July 1988 (2) "Antique Cars"

I was riding down the road in an antique car being driven by a man who is my father (not my actual father). Behind me was another antique car being driven by a woman who is my mother (not my actual mother). Both cars were brownish black and probably dated from the 1920s. Neither car was running perfectly and both were having trouble reaching the top of a hill.

Finally my father and I made it to the top of the hill, and I thought he was now going to stop and wait for my mother, but instead he headed down the hill without stopping. I began protesting that he should stop, but he now maintained that he was in too much of a hurry and he refused to stop. We were probably going about 50 kilometers per hour, and I threatened to jump out of the car and wait for my mother. Finally he at least slowed down enough for me to get out. He then went without me.

Once I was out of the car and on the side of the road, I noticed some obstruction in the road. Another car came along and pushed the obstruction out of the way, and now I could look down the road in the direction my mother should be coming, but I didn't yet see her.

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