Dream of: 13 July 1988 "Rien"

I was riding up front in a bus close to the driver. The bus stopped and I rose to get off. I opened the door but then realized this wasn't my stop. I left the door open until the driver said something to me about it and I shut it. I sat back down.

The bus continued down the street until I saw a blue bus stop sign outside. I pushed the buzzer and when the bus stopped, I descended. It seemed as if I was in a Spanish-speaking country.

While descending, I noticed a thin cute woman (probably in her early 20s) also getting off, and I quietly began singing a country western song which began, "On the one hand is a golden band."

I was uncertain she heard me. She was carrying a flute. I was also carrying my flute, but mine was in the case while hers was assembled and in her hands. I wasn't going to say anything to her at first, but suddenly I turned around and said, "I see that you play the flute."

She smiled, looked at my flute case and seemed interested in me. I told her I also had a flute, but that I didn't play much. Actually, I reflected that my flute was rather dirty and needed to be polished.

I continued talking and finally began looking through a current issue of what looked like a copy of Newsweek which she was carrying. I asked her where she lived and she pointed to a place nearby. Apparently she was here with some other students. I thought I might ask her out. Perhaps we would even play the flute together.

She asked me I what I was doing here and somehow the conversation turned to what possessions I had here. I began telling her that I had been accumulating quite a few possessions since I had been here. I thought about how I had recently bought a large color television, but I didn't mention that.

Finally I suggested playing the flute together and I said that we both could play either at her house or my house, or even out in the street together. It didn't make any difference to me.

She was in the process of learning Spanish and she pulled out a book which she was using for that purpose. She opened the book and pointed to a word which was spelled "rien." She pronounced the word for me, giving the last syllable a nasal intonation. I said, "Well I pronounce it 'rien'"

When I pronounced the word (which I thought was Spanish), I didn't give it the nasal sound.

I then turned to a little, old Hispanic-looking woman sitting near me and I said, "Como se dice 'nada'."

But the old woman wouldn't talk to me and she seemed to shrink up inside herself as she turned away from me.

The young woman began talking in Spanish with some other people, trying to find out exactly how the word was pronounced.

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