Dream of: 11 July 1988 "Not So Idyllic"

my first cousin Alan (who also seemed somewhat like Altizer) drove me along in a vehicle until we reached Rio Grande, Ohio. As Alan pulled up close to the Rio Grande College, he told me he lived near there. I saw one square brick building, apparently the only building of the college, and the large grassy lawn with large green trees which stretched out in front of it. On one of the streets it looked as if a bandstand was being erected for some kind of planned festivities. I also saw several attractive female college students walking around and I commented about them to Alan. I figured that even though he was older than I, Alan probably tried to get involved with some of the women.

Alan finally pulled up in front of an attractive white house which sat facing the college lawn. I thought the house was Alan's and I commented about its nice location. Alan continued on to the next house, which was green, which was actually the one he lived in. It also was nice and looked out onto the lawn and the college building.

As we both stepped out of the vehicle, I told Alan it made me feel nostalgic being here. And indeed I reflected on how nice and peaceful it would be to live here. I never actually went to college here, but I explained to Alan that there was a library in the college building which I used to use when I lived close to here. I thought about how nice it would be to be involved in reading books again.

Alan and I walked into the yard of his house and he started fixing something to eat. He prepared a barbecue grill and then gave me about a half dozen hot dogs to put on the grill. But first he instructed me that I needed to cut the hot dogs in certain peculiar curving patterns so they would cook better. I began cutting the hot dogs, but I had little patience with the special cuts, and finally just made straight cuts down the middle of them. They seemed to have a lot of juice in them which dripped from the cuts.

As I was cutting, I felt pretty disgusted by the idea of eating meat. Maybe living in Rio Grande wouldn't be so idyllic after all, if I were going to eat meat here. It seemed as if I recently ate some hot dogs in Dallas. Thus, this was no better than living in Dallas.

Alan noticed how I had cut the hot dogs and he seemed dissatisfied. He tried to instruct me again, but I told tell him I was no connoisseur of hot dogs. I would be satisfied to just throw the hot dogs on the grill, let them get black and then eat them.

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