Dream of: 09 July 1988 "Inez Wolf"

As I was standing on a hillside on the Gallia County Farm, I noticed Myers standing beside a phone booth and using the phone. I thought about how much I would like to approach Myers and talk with her, but I decided bothering her might not be appropriate, and I began walking on down the hill.

Once I was out of Myers' sight, I decided to wait for a while to see if she would come down the hill. As I waited, I noticed some cows and bulls standing near me. Some cows were grotesque, with huge yellow teeth sticking from their mouths. I thought the cows must belong to a neighbor; I tried to scare them away and I finally succeeded.

Deciding to walk back up the hill a short ways, I soon encountered another herd of animals ambling down the hill toward me. For a moment I thought the animals were a herd of bighorn sheep, but then I realized the animals were white cows and bulls with long horns. When the animals threateningly approached me, I grabbed one bull by the horns and pulled it past me down the hill. Although the herd was large and threatened to trample me, I managed to escape without being injured, and the herd moved on down the hill.

I was fairly confused as to what exactly was going on here – things didn't seem natural.

I suddenly heard a woman's voice coming from somewhere and I thought it might be Myers'. Although I couldn't see her, I began remembering how beautiful she had looked standing by the phone booth. She was probably in her late 20s, and had long blonde hair falling down her back. I now realized just how attracted I was to her – I thought I always had been. In the past, however, when I had known her in high school, I had never been able to approach her; perhaps now things would be different.

Suddenly I saw a peculiar sight – a boy (probably in his late teens) and two girls (probably in their early teens) were walking along a fence among the trees. They were completely nude and seemed to be caked with mud and dirt. I could clearly see the girls' developing breasts, as well as the boy's penis, which looked partially erect. It seemed unreal to be witnessing such a sight here in the woods.

I followed the three until they reached what appeared to be a small outdoor arena; large rocks about a meter tall were arranged to form a fence around a grassy area. Other people, who also appeared to be nude, were standing around the fence, looking in at the grassy area. The entire scene seemed so surreal, I was befuddled by what I saw.

I could only make sense of one thing: someone stepped up to me and said Myers was supposed to arrive shortly. However the person used another name for Myers: "Inez Wolf." I repeated the name over and over in my mind, until it also begin to sound like "Crystal Annette."

Suddenly I saw Myers near the rock fence, wearing a long white dress, looking beautiful. I headed toward her, not knowing what I would say to her. Just as I reached her, I noticed two glasses sitting next to her on the rock fence. The glasses concerned me, because I had the vague impression they might belong to Myers and her boyfriend; if her boyfriend were nearby, he could prove to be a problem. My attraction for Myers was so overpowering, however, I was determined to approach her, even if her boyfriend were nearby.

When I reached her, her back was turned to me. I spoke to her, but she didn't turn around. When I spoke the second time, however, she finally turned toward me. She was holding a cigarette and smoke was curling from her mouth. She said something like, "My name is Inez."

She clearly wanted to be called Inez. I was confused by all the names. Was her last name Wolf? And where did the name Crystal Annette fit in? Putting my concerns aside, I finally put my arms around her and moaned, "Oh God I love you so."

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