Dream of: 07 July 1988 (2) "New Neighbors"

I was standing outside my Cabin, which seemed somewhat different from usual, and which seemed in a different location than usual. I strolled along a ways from the Cabin and noticed that the entire area seemed to covered with white snow. As I walked, I began to hear strange sounds which gradually grew louder. Finally I realized the sounds were those of some wild beast, perhaps a lion. The sounds grew louder and louder, almost like sounds one might hear in Africa. Finally I realized I might be in danger and I began running back toward the Cabin. I dashed inside, but then peeked back out the door just as a lion stuck its large head around the side of the Cabin, allowing me to clearly see it. I stepped back inside and closed the door.

I was very curious about the lion and I wanted to see it again. I realized there were probably very few lions around here. I wasn't even sure if it was actually called a lion here, but might have some other name. It didn't have a mane, but had very pronounced features just like a lion's.

I looked back out again, and, not seeing anything, I ventured back out, cautiously looking around the side of the Cabin. But there was nothing there either.

I heard noise again and I thought at first it was another animal. But then I realized it was a helicopter overhead. In fact there might be more than one. Slowly I began to suspect that whoever was in the helicopter might be hunting animals from it. I knew that was illegal. I wanted to protect the animals and I began wondering what I could do to stop the hunting.

I noticed a wire fence not far from the Cabin and I walked over to it. On the other side was a house. As I was looking the area over, I noticed that a small airplane had just landed near the house. It occurred to me that the people in the airplane might have been hunting from it, and I decided to confront them. I crossed through the fence and approached the airplane.

One man had just gotten out of the plane and it appeared he was carrying a rifle. But when I got closer, I saw that it was actually a hunting bow and arrows which he had. In the plane, I saw a large number of other bows and arrows sticking straight up. Obviously the fellow had been hunting, probably deer, and I immediately confronted him, asking him if he had been hunting from the plane.

He looked disdainfully at me and said that would be illegal. But it was obvious that that was exactly what he had been doing. I walked up to him and continued harassing him. I almost dared him to do something to me, knowing that he would be guilty of assault and I could then have him arrested.

The unusual thing about the situation was the height of the fellow. He was easily twice as tall as I and I had to look straight up. Nevertheless, I continued to harangue him.

Actually, although I detested the fact that he had been hunting deer from the plane, I rather liked the fellow. Finally, in a friendlier tone, I say, "Boy you sure are tall."

It crossed my mind that he could have been a fantastic basketball player. He seemed to have become friendlier and he continued examining his plane. A second fellow had also gotten out of the plane, and the second fellow seemed to be wearing a body brace. He was having difficulty walking, although he was managing to do it. I spoke briefly with him, and finally I inferred that the first fellow lived in the nearby house. He must therefore be my neighbor.

I also saw some other people near the house. They were rather indistinct, but it appeared to be a family living here. I wondered if any single women also lived in the house. I talked with them briefly and told them about seeing the lion. In fact as I talked, I saw an animal close to my Cabin, but it turned out to be a horse and not a lion.

Actually, there were several houses around here, apparently a small community. I could  see my Cabin on the other side of the fence. It was gray and unpainted. I wondered if anyone wondered who lived there. I would like these people to know that it was I who lived there and who was their neighbor.

Suddenly everyone started going into the house. No one seemed to pay much attention to me, and they certainly didn't invite me in. I just began walking away, feeling slightly dejected at not being able to get to know them better.

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