Dream of: 07 July 1988 "Hollow Lives"

I was watching an interesting play in an outdoor theater, which seemed in an inner courtyard of some surrounding buildings; the audience was seated in a circle around the area where the play is taking place. The actors walked about the stage area. At one point when they were on the side farthest from me, an obnoxious fellow with frizzy brown hair seated not far from me on my left, began talking loudly with someone on the other side of the circle. It was very distracting and finally I said, "Shhhhhh."

He paid no attention, even though I repeated it several times, and even though some other people were doing the same thing to him. Finally I reached down, picked up some sand from the ground and threw it at him. The sand landed on him as well as some other people. I could immediately see that he had become angry and he sat there glaring at me. I hoped someone else might also do something to him, but no one did.

Suddenly the play ended and the people began quickly dispersing. Within seconds, the only people left were the frizzy haired fellow and I. He came up to me, threw his arms around me and began squeezing me. He seemed strong.


I was standing alone in the theater and in my hands I was holding two black guns, apparently .38 caliber. I stuck one in the right pocket and the other in the left pocket of the black pants I was wearing. I put my fingers on the triggers. The gun in the right pocket felt comfortable, but I was having trouble bending my little finger around the gun in my left pocket, and it felt uncomfortable.

As I stood here, a door opened and someone walked in. I realized it looked suspicious for me to just be standing here like this. I said something to the person and then I walked out a door onto the street.

I began walking down the street, still holding the guns in my pockets, trying to think about where I was going. If I went to a bar, I could be arrested for the offense of carrying a weapon in a tavern, which was a felony. I thought it would however be difficult to prosecute me, because if I were searched without reason, I could have the evidence suppressed. As I think about it, I realized I hardly ever went into a bar anyway, and I didn't even consider going.

I reached a corner and saw two fellows (probably in their mid 20s) in light gray suits walk up. They looked familiar and I thought they probably worked in the district attorney's office. They were joined by a third fellow and all three of them looked slender and in good shape. All three continued walking down the street.

Finally I realized I was in Columbus near the campus of The Ohio State University. Throngs of people had appeared in the street and apparently they were here to have a good time. I thought about the three fellows, and I concluded that they were probably going to a bar to try to meet some women of their own class.

What a hollow existence that seemed like to me. They had trivialized their lives to the point where, at least to me, they seemed hollow.

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