Dream of: 23 June 1988 "Elephant House"

I was observing an elephant run around what appeared to be a large living room. Some objects which looked like tree-limbs were sticking out the tops of the walls, and the elephant grabbed the limbs with its trunk as it passed by them. The elephant also climbed up on some furniture and stuck its head through some holes in the walls.

Finally the elephant's owner walked in and began talking about the elephant. The elephant had been in an old house when the owner had first acquired it. Then the owner had brought the elephant to this place. When the elephant first arrived, a stuffed moose's head had hung on the wall. Left alone in the room for a while, the elephant had pulled the moose head from the wall, leaving a hole in the wall. The elephant had then stuck its head through the wall. A second elephant was in the room on the other side of the wall and the two elephants had thus been able to communicate.

Thus the owner had learned that the elephant needed holes in the walls through which to stick its head to see what was going on in the other rooms. The owner had also learned that the elephant needed the limbs to grab as it ran along. Thus with the limbs and the holes in the walls, the elephant had learned (with some degree of success) to adapt to living in the room.

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