Dream of: 19 June 1988 (2) "Drug Addicts"

I was sitting in a chair in what appeared to be a gymnasium. A wall was directly behind me; a man was seated to my right. In front of me were perhaps 15 other people seated in chairs and facing me.

This was apparently a meeting of people who had been addicted to drugs and had stopped using them. Both the man to my right and I talked about my addictions and what I had gone through to quit using drugs. After we were finished speaking, I wished I would have said more about why I had quit drugs and the spiritual aspect of having given up drugs.

When we had both finished speaking, other people said some things. One man said he hadn't talked in front of a group in years about why he had quit using drugs. He seemed to want to do that.

I remembered that I had been here about a month before at a meeting like this, but more people had been here then and I didn't recognize any of the people present here as people who had been at the previous meeting. How quickly it seemed that people lost their enthusiasm for something like this.

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