Dream of: 19 June 1988 "Five New Ties"

I was sitting in what looked like an auditorium apparently filled with lawyers. Some people were up on the stage. Apparently someone had brought up some business which had to do with me. I quickly realized someone had made a complaint before this assembly that I was wearing the same ties over and over and that I needed to buy some more.

The matter was discussed for a while; finally I stood and asked to speak. Some other people were already standing and wanting to speak, but since this matter was about me, the speaker allowed me to speak.

I began by saying that I had a number of ties already, but that I would be willing to buy more if that was required. I then walked up to the stage to talk directly to the speaker. I told the speaker I probably had 25 ties at home. An Hispanic-looking woman (probably in her mid 20s) dressed in a red dress walked up and said Carolina had told her I did indeed have about 25 ties. I found it very curious that Carolina would know about how many ties I had and that she would have been discussing that matter with someone else.

I thought about my ties and I realized I had been wearing a couple over and over. I thought the important thing was that they were clean, although I realized they had sometimes been a little dirty. For instance, one of my red ties which I often wore had a blue ink line from a pen across it.

Finally I agreed I would buy five new ties. Some people seemed to want me to buy more, but we all agreed on five.

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