Dream of: 12 June 1988 "Swimming Under Stars"

I was sitting in the living room of the Gallia County Farmhouse, talking with an attractive blonde-haired woman who was probably in her mid 20s. After talking with her awhile, I finally realized she was Cindy Myers (an acquaintance from high school). I asked her what she did now and she said she went to school. I asked her if she went to Southwestern High School and she said no, that she went to a school called Gage/Centenary which wasn't far away.

I questioned her about what she was studying; she said she studied jazz. I asked her what musical instrument she played and she said it was the piano. That sounded interesting to me; the thought even occurred that I could play the flute with her.

I looked out over Symmes Creek and saw that it was up over its banks. It was also a greenish color and seemed quite clear. I pointed that out to Cindy. Then I thought I saw some movement in the creek; I even thought I saw someone swimming down there. I also saw what looked like a Frisbee in the water. I told Cindy I thought that someone was swimming down there, but she didn't believe me. And it did seem to me as if it would be too cold out for someone to be swimming today.

But I kept looking and finally I did actually see two fellows swimming down there. They seemed to be wrestling around together. Then I saw two more fellows and then another fellow under a small waterfall on the other side of the creek.

I mentioned to Cindy that if she went down there to swim now, she might be able to meet one of the fellows. But she said she would be more interested in going swimming at night so she could swim under the stars.

I felt attracted to Cindy but I was unsure that she was attracted to me. Finally though, as I was are sitting on the couch, and she was standing in front of me, I reached out for her. She didn't resist and I pulled her down toward me. Only now did I realize she was somewhat overweight, but her weight didn't concern me much at the moment.

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