Dream of: 11 June 1988 "Queen Of Diamonds"

I was in some kind of large house where something like a carnival seemed to be taking place, but it also seemed as if I had either been studying or teaching something in a class in the house.

In one room a booth had been set up where darts could be purchased to throw at balloons. I bought some darts and broke several balloons. One balloon was a big blue one. I then realized that balloons were also on the other side of the booth and that those balloons contained little cards with the names of prizes that were won if the balloon was broken.

I went to that side of the booth and threw my last dart at a balloon, but the balloon didn't break and I was disappointed. I didn't want to buy another dart, but finally I bought one from the woman behind the counter. I took careful aim this time, and when I threw the dart, I leaned over the counter so I was almost touching the balloon when I released the dart. To my surprise, the dart just bounced off the unbroken balloon.

I reached out my hand toward the balloon and I could feel some air coming out of it. At least the dart had punctured the balloon and a stream of air coming from the balloon was causing it to gradually deflate. I called  the fact to the woman's attention, but she didn't think the balloon was broken and she didn't want to give me a prize. Finally the balloon lost all its air through the visible hole, and she took the card from the balloon.

The card turned out to be a playing card, the queen of diamonds. The woman began going through a card file to see what the prize was for a queen of diamonds. I knew that it wasn't going to be a big prize. Finally she turned to me and handed me a black pen. I tried the pen out and it wrote black. I even stuck the tip in my mouth and it had a sort of grainy taste to it. It even tasted like something familiar.

I figured it was probably worth at least a quarter, which seemed what I paid for the last dart, and I was satisfied. It fact it even seemed somewhat symbolic to me that I should receive a pen. It seemed to pertain to my being a writer.

While the woman was looking up the prize, I had also picked up another black pen of lesser quality lying on the counter. I decided to just take it too. I knew it was stealing and that I hadn't stolen anything in a long time, but I rationalized that I had paid a lot of money for the darts, and so I took it.


I ran into a fellow in the house who I knew who invited me to go to breakfast with him and someone else. He offered to buy me some bacon and eggs. I declined at first, but then decided I might go. He had to do something first, and I went outside to wait.

Outside, the place reminded me some of Mexico City, Mexico. It seemed that English was being taught in the house. I was on a residential street and when I looked up at some high trees, I saw that several of them had balloons in their uppermost branches. It would appear that there had recently been a party in the street and some balloons had been released and had gotten stuck in the trees. It looked festive.

I began thinking I might not wait for the fellow and I might just catch a taxi somewhere.

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