Dream of: 08 June 1988 "High On A Ledge"

I was standing on the outside ledge of an upper floor (perhaps the sixtieth floor) of a very tall building. People were lined up on the ledge in front of me and in back of me. The building was moving and was actually used to transport people, like an airplane or a train. The problem was that the ledge was so narrow that several people had fallen off. It was actually quite a frightening experience being up here on the ledge.

The line began moving and I also crept along. I held tightly onto a bar and stopped my movement for a moment, but my sudden stop seemed to throw the man behind me off balance. He tottered and fell off the edge. I watched in shock as his body glided toward the ground. His limbs weren't moving and I wondered if he was unconscious. He fell and fell and fell, and just as he approached the ground, his arms and legs began moving and he seemed to be adjusting his position so he could land on the ground. I watched him land awkwardly on his feet, still managing to keep his balance. He appeared to be unharmed, perhaps a sprained ankle.

I began reflecting on how the danger on the ledge could be avoided. Obviously a railing could be installed around the edge. It would be expensive, but it would probably cost less than paying for the damages for the people who died. I figured that each death probably cost around sixty million dollars. The railings could probably be put up for lees than that.

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