Dream of: 07 June 1988 (2) "Sacrifice"

I was lying covered up by a blanket next to a wall. I seemed to be fasting and I was a bit weak. I pulled out a letter which I had received from my good friend Kim (a woman a few years younger than I whom I first met in Portsmouth in 1977), opened it and saw written on it the word "sacrifice." The word was written quite large in blue ink, and the lines forming the letters were quite wide. Actually it almost looked like a work of art and obviously Kim had put quite a bit of effort into writing it.

I was quite impressed by the word and it struck a deep emotional cord in me. I thought of the etymology of the word "sacrifice" and how it had originally meant literally "to make sacred." It was meaningful to me that the concepts "to sacrifice" and "to make sacred" were so entwined. It had long been one of my favorite words. And it made me feel good that Kim would send the word to me like this.

Below the word was a sentence which said something like "I am the 'soma' solution" or "I am the 'sauna' solution." The word right before "solution" wasn't clear, but it seemed to come from India.

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