Dream of: 07 June 1988 "New Meditation Hall"


look and you will see

I dropped in to see Will Johnson (a member of the Dallas Zen Center) and he asked me how I had been doing. I mentioned that I had begun meditating at another Zen Center, only about a block away from the Dallas Zen Center. The two Zen Centers were actually somehow related. Will seemed curious about the new Zen Center and he wanted to know how many people came to meditations there. Although I knew that about ten people came to each meditation session, I evaded Will's question, and I told him if he wanted to know, he would just have to come and see for himself. I felt some resentment toward the people in the Dallas Zen Center because I no longer felt welcome there. Finally I left.

I next found myself in a rather large meditation room at the new Zen Center. About ten people there were sitting on cushions on the floor and were getting ready to meditate. I sat down at the end of a line of people next to a woman. Several other attractive women were also there. At first the people seemed to be sitting in two straight lines, but then it seemed as if the lines weren't straight, and as if people in the line were seated facing different directions, so the line was jagged.

When I had first walked in, I had noticed that some people were sitting with their legs bent under them instead of crossed in front of them, and I had thought of sitting that way also. Instead, when I sat, I crossed my legs in front of me and I immediately noticed my left leg felt numb. It seemed as if I might have already been sitting and meditating earlier today.

Now it seemed as if fifteen or more people were in the room. I rather wished Will would show up and see that other people were interested in Zen besides the people who went to the Dallas Zen Center. I didn't feel much pressure here, and I was ready to begin meditating, when suddenly I heard someone from the front of the room holler, "Steve. Steve."

In a deep voice, I answered, "Yes."

A fellow seated a short ways from me also answered, "Yes."

Apparently he was also named Steve. The voice from the front again hollered, "Steve," and I answered, "Which Steve?"

Dream Commentary of March 9, 2015

Knowing one's self seems to be a persistent struggle for some followers of religions, as well as for some members of the Dream Journal.

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