Dream of: 06 June 1988 "Importance Of Gold"

My father, my mother, several other people and I were in an office in a tall office building in downtown Dallas, perhaps the First Republic Bank building. We were on an upper story and as I looked out the window, I noticed that the building seemed somehow to be rising. As I looked outside, I mentioned several times to the others that this building seemed to be moving upward in relation to the other buildings. When no one else paid any attention to the fact, I decided to go downstairs and find out what was going on.

I went down to the ground floor and outside. I then began imagining what it would be like if an earthquake took place here. My imagination began to become so vivid, that it actually looked as if an earthquake was taking place. I imagined the building I was in splitting in two, and half of it collapsing. I could imagine the people inside being crushed, while a couple people managed to escape.

What would I do in such a situation? I would probably run through the streets trying to find someplace safe and avoid falling buildings. It would be too late for me to try to return upstairs to save my father and my mother. They would die.

As my imagination was at work, I ran into Don Block (a Dallas acquaintance). I hadn't seen him for a while and I would like to talk to him to see how he was doing. So the two of us walked into a cafeteria together and walked back to a table in a rear corner.

As we walked into the cafeteria, I was in a good mood and I was singing the words, "California. California." It seemed as if I had just recently graduated from law school and I was now thinking of going to California to study law there.

I noticed Alan Taylor (a former law student) sitting nearby and I recalled that he was a student at Baylor Law School. I sat down and spoke with Taylor. He told me he was planning to go to some kind of trade school to learn a trade. That seemed rather peculiar to me. A blackboard was sitting near me, and on it, in colorful chalk, Alan had written some kind of saying about how the most important thing in life was not gold and that he was not after gold. That seemed encouraging to me. I knew that gold wasn't the most important thing for me either.

I continued thinking about going to California to study law. I thought that would be interesting. I used to think it would be too difficult to study law in another state. But now I realized that the Texas law I knew would help me there and that I wasn't going to forget my Texas law. It would be interesting to distinguish the Texas and California laws in my mind.

I might even later go to New York and study New York law. That would really be interesting to know the law from three states.

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