Dream of: 05 June 1988 (2) "Eternal Debt"

I was in a Dallas brothel which housed many attractive prostitutes. I was walking around in the nude, and someone noticed a red pimple on the right cheek of my butt. The person said the pimple might be AIDS and that I should get a test. I was concerned the pimple might indeed be AIDS and I decided I was going to have to have a test.

I walked into another room and sat down in a large comfortable chair next to an attractive petite black-haired prostitute (about 20 years old). I had seen her around, although I had never actually been with her. I told her I thought I was falling in love with her and I asked her if that was all right with her. She said it was fine, snuggled up to me and put her arms around me. I felt good being with her.


I was no longer in the brother, but in a house. Walls walked in. A television was on and a program came on about the brothel. A number of the prostitutes were shown on the screen of the television; I told Walls the brothel was in Dallas, and I specifically used the word "brothel." I told Walls the women in the brothel were gorgeous. A line of about six women was shown on the television, and these women, however,  weren't extremely attractive.

Close-ups of the women were shown. First one woman walked up to the camera, then the second. When the second woman (about 30 years old) was in front of the camera, something happened and the camera froze on her for quite a long time. The woman had reddish hair and bright red lipstick. She had a big smile, but she looked a bit jaded. Finally the action began again and it appeared the camera had frozen on the woman because she had kicked some wires loose with her feet.

The camera focused on a black-haired fellow (about 20 years old). I was surprised to learn that he was also working as a prostitute in the brothel. I hadn't known that male prostitutes worked there.

I was trying to figure out why the brothel was being shown on the television. It appeared that something had happened there, but I was unsure.

I mentioned to Walls that the prostitutes cost about $20-$25 apiece. They had small rooms in the back of the house where they took their customers.

When Walls had entered, he had brought in a little box which he said contained marijuana, and he had sold the contents to someone there in the house. When I opened the box and looked inside, all I saw was a bunch of old dirty leaves, clearly not marijuana. I pointed out the fact and, pulling out an old dirty leaf, said, "Look. This was not marijuana."

I pulled out some more leaves and finally pulled out something which looked like an old walnut. It appeared that someone had simply scraped up some leaves off the street, put them in a box and then delivered them to Walls, who had brought it in here to sell. It seemed that Walls was paid $50 for the box.

Walls hadn't said anything the whole time. I wasn't angry at him and I simply wanted to point out that this stuff wasn't marijuana. I also just wanted to talk with Walls, but suddenly Walls picked up the box and left. I was unsure that Walls first returned the money, but I thought he did.

I followed Walls out because I hadn't seen him in a long time and I wanted to talk with him. He boarded a long blue bus, walked to the back and sat down. I followed him and sat down in a seat on the other side of the aisle from him. There were probably about six other fellows on the bus; Fugitt (a former schoolmate from high school) was driving. No one said anything and the bus pulled out. It appeared that no one wanted to talk with me and I was unsure that anyone even wanted me to be here.

A fellow sitting in the seat in front of Walls appeared to be an American Indian. He had long black hair. I tried to say something to Walls from my seat, but he couldn't seem to hear me. Finally I walked over and tried to say something to him. He didn't seem to want to talk with me right now, but I did hear him say something to the Indian about me and him being friends and that he owed an "eternal debt" to me. That put me at ease to know that at least these people knew I was a friend.

As I sat here, I looked in the window of the bus and noticed I had shoulder length hair. It looked good on me and I liked having long hair.

It appeared to me that all these fellows were on this bus so they could just go out and party and have a good time. I thought I might go up and talk to Fugitt.

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