Dream of: 04 June 1988 "Talking Fish"

I was looking out over Symmes Creek in the area which passed in front of the Gallia County Farmhouse. Things seemed in reverse, because I seemed to be looking at the creek from the opposite side of where the Farmhouse is, and the creek seemed to be running in the opposite direction that it usually runs.

The water was clear and I intently watched a number of small fish swimming about. Suddenly my attention was drawn to a very large fish, probably between one and two meters long, swimming upstream. It was brown and white and had wispy fins. A second fish just like the first followed, and then a whole train of large fish followed. They all looked a little different and I became engrossed in the spectacle.

I thought I needed to tell my step-grandfather Clarence about this. The fish appeared to be coming from the river and they were making their way to some particular point upstream, where I thought Clarence might go fishing and catch perhaps one every week. He needed to keep other fishermen from coming in, because they would quickly catch all the fish.

Finally, I seemed able to hear the fish talking to each other. One was saying that this was a good time to be in the water here because it was so clear, and usually the water was muddy and difficult to see through. However, the water was becoming increasingly muddy due to the fish passing through and stirring up the mud.

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