Dream of: 29 May 1988 "Invitation To Touch"

I was with Carolina and a woman who was Carolina's mother. Another man was also with Carolina's mother. The four of us had decided to visit a small town and spend the night there. It appeared to me we were all going to stay together in a motel in the same room. I began wondering if Carolina and I would have sex in front of Carolina's mother and the other man and whether they would have sex in front of Carolina and me. The idea seemed rather erotic to me.

We all boarded a car; Carolina and I were in the front seat, while Carolina's mother and her boyfriend were in the back. When Carolina's mother boarded the car, I noticed she was nude from the waist down; she spread her legs so her black pubic hairs were clearly visible. Since she almost seemed to be inviting me to touch her, I reached my hand back and stuck one of my fingers into her vagina. Carolina did the same thing so both of us had our fingers in the woman's vagina at the same time.

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