Dream of: 27 May 1988 (2) "Scribo"

I was going to be an actor in a play and I had a part only one page long. The play was going to begin today, and I hadn't yet memorized my part. So I read over it several times, but each time I began again, it seemed I had forgotten everything. I tried again and again, but I was only able to remember a few words, such as the word "ingrate."

Finally a fellow who was working here but who wasn't an actor in the play walked in and I asked him to help me. My part in the play involved a dialogue with another person, and the fellow began reading the other person's lines. Each time I was supposed to speak, I couldn't remember my line. Since the other fellow was now holding the only copy of the play which I had, I had to go to him each time and look at my line. The fellow said, "You cannot remember your line."

I finally finished the page and then began again. The second time, I began improvising when I didn't remember my line, hoping the line would come to me. It was starting to get dark, and finally people began to show up. It would soon be time for the play to begin.

The fellow finally became of helping me and he handed the book back to me. I opened the play back up to a page, the first line of which said, "Scribo." At first I thought that was my part, but then I realized I was on the wrong page. When I began looking for my page again, I couldn't find it. I flipped back and forth through the book looking for my page, but I couldn't find it.

I then noticed Boley (a Dallas female attorney) there. She had on headphones and it appeared she also had a part in the play. Apparently she knew her line and was ready to begin. In the meantime she was apparently just listening to music.

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