Dream of: 27 May 1988 "Possibility Of Escape"

A man (who looked somewhat like Burt Reynolds) and I were in a car being pursued by about three other men in another car. We rode out into the country and manage to lose the other men. We rode down a little country road and stopped near a rather large barn. My companion and I stepped out of the car and walked into the barn, thinking we might be able to hide here. I heard a squealing noise in one of the corners and saw a pig there.

I heard a vehicle pull up in front of the barn and I saw the three men who had been chasing us. I told my companion that we could both run out the back door. But he didn't want to do that, so I took take off running through the barn, passing through several doors.

I heard the three men coming and decided to try to hide in a pile of chicken wire and old bags and cloths lying in a pile in the barn. Once I was covered up and lying here, I began thinking I might be able to slip under the back wall where I was and escape to the outside. I began thinking about a piece of metal outside behind which I might be able to hide. The men might not be able to find me there.

If my friend would also come outside, I might be able to signal to him and the two of us could get in the men's truck and take off. As I thought you about doing it, it seemed so real that I almost thought I was are actually doing it. It seemed indeed as if there was a real possibility of escaping.

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