Dream of: 17 May 1988 "Festering Resentment"

I had gone to the House in Patriot, where my father was living. I was thinking of moving into the House in Patriot, and opening up a branch law office in the Gay Street House. I was now admitted to the bar in Ohio and could practice law here. I would still be living in Texas, but I would return to Portsmouth sometimes to work.

I walked into the House in Patriot and found it in a terrible mess. Apparently my father hadn't been cleaning up anything. Dishes were piled up in the kitchen and trash was all over the place. Christa was here with my father and they had both just gotten out of bed and put their clothes on. I talked a bit with Christa and I thought I might help clean the place up some.


My mother, another person, and I were standing among some small trees. My mother had black hair and looked quite young.

I was a little upset with my mother, because I thought about how she had failed to give me advice when I had been young. I told my mother and the other person that when I had between the ages of 6 and 16, my mother had never talked with me about anything of importance. She had just basically let me go my own way. I wished she would have helped me some. I somewhat resented the fact and I told her so, hurting her feelings some in the process.


I was with the same person who had been with my mother and me, but now instead of my mother, a person who seemed like Lisa as an adult was with me. The three of us were going into a night club. I felt a bit guilty for having earlier said what I had to my mother. But somehow I thought I could make up for it by making the woman who looked like Lisa feel better.

The woman, who was wearing a pink dress, walked up some stairs in front of me at the entrance to the night club and I grabbed her butt as she was moving.

We all enter and sat at a table, where another person had also sat down. I noticed two guns, revolvers, lying on the table and I said that I shouldn't be sitting there because someone else was obviously already sitting there. But I stayed here anyway. Someone picked up one of the guns and then someone on the other side of the table picked up the other gun and began looking at it. It looked as if that person has a little knife and perhaps was going to cut the firing pin of the gun with it.

After finishing with the gun, the person then picked up a brown beer bottle and cut off the top ring of the bottle with the knife, and then somehow pushed the ring down around the neck of the bottle. The person then started shaking the bottle. That was supposed to make the beer start foaming and when it started foaming, it wasn't supposed to stop.

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