Dream of: 15 May 1988 "Petting A Crow"

I was riding along in a car with a man who began talking about writing songs. I had been trying to write a song and the man asked me about songs played by "death groups." Apparently he was referring to certain rock and roll bands which dressed in macabre manners and played strange music. He asked me about the rock group "Steppenwolf" which he seemed to think was a death group. I protested that Steppenwolf wasn't a death group and that in fact I liked some of their songs. Specifically I thought of the songs "Born To Be Wild" and "The Pusher," both of which I thought were good songs.

We finally passed through a small town and came to an intersection just as the light turned red. I didn't stop for the light and passed on through the intersection. And just as I did, I noticed a police car sitting in the intersection. I saw the police car pull out behind me and I thought he was going to pull me over. That was going to cause serious problems, because besides running the red light, I didn't have any insurance on the car, which was required by state law. I could be put in jail for that.

Suddenly I realized it was not I who was driving, but the other fellow. So at least I wouldn't be arrested.

The police car pulled up on the passenger side of the car, but it didn't stop and just went on by. That was certainly a relief.


I was in a sleeping bag lying in a bed in what might be a motel room where I had stopped for the night. During the night I was bothered by some animals, specifically a crow, a small dog and a monkey, which at different times were in the sleeping bag with me. Only one at a time was in the sleeping bag, but during the course of the night it seemed that each was in the bag with me at one time or another.

I liked all three of the animals and my concern was that they have enough air down in the sleeping bag and that I didn't roll over on them and crush them. I petted them at different times in the night.

Finally it was early in the morning and I climbed out of bed. Some man was sleeping in another bed in the room and my sister was sleeping in a third bed. She awakened when I got up and she asked why I was getting up so early. I just felt like getting an early start on the day. I looked out a window and saw that the ground was covered with snow. That was what I had expected, because I had thought the sound of traffic in the street sounded like snow and slush on the street.

Suddenly I noticed a black cat in the room. I became alarmed because I was afraid the cat might have harmed the crow. I thought my sister must have let the cat in and I was upset by that. I began looking for the crow and finally found it. The crow looked a bit like a pigeon now and its feathers seemed a little gray. I noticed the cat got very near the crow without bothering it and I decided the cat wasn't going to hurt the crow. Nevertheless, the crow's feathers looked a bit ruffled as if it might have had trouble earlier with the cat. I picked the crow up and began petting it.

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