Dream of: 13 May 1988 "Red Tailed Fox"

I seemed to be watching a black and white television show depicting the story of two men. One of the two apparently had originally been a songwriter, but both men became involved in making early movies. One man was overweight and the other was quite thin. The men somewhat resembled Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton (characters played by Jackie Gleason and Art Carney on the television series "The Honeymooners"). The heavy-set man also somewhat resembled W.C. Fields.

In the opening scene, while the two men were on the banks of a river, the overweight man jumped on the thin man's back, and somehow the thin man drowned in the river.

Another scene showed how the men had been quite young when they had first met. The overweight man had abandoned the thin man for awhile, but then they later met on the edge of a river.

Another scene showed the thin man in some water, apparently in a pool. The overweight man was standing beside the water, but instead of helping the thin man, the overweight man dropped a brick to the thin man, weighing him down. Nevertheless the thin man finally managed to get out of the water.

Both men were always dressed in old, ragged clothes.

The next scene showed the two men gathered with several other bums around a piano. The overweight man was apparently composing a song. Up until now, the overweight man had been singing other people's songs, but now he was thinking of starting to write his own songs. He complained about singing the same old songs all the time, and mentioned a song called "The Hound and the Red Tailed Fox" which he wanted to change. This scene was apparently depicting the time just before the man had become a famous song writer.

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