Dream of: 10 May 1988 "Possessed"

At night, I was standing on a high elevated concrete platform, listening to what sounded like undulating waves breaking on a shore below me. I thought I might be in Portsmouth, standing above the Ohio River. But I couldn't be sure, and I momentarily thought I might be dreaming. Everything seemed so strange, and yet so real at the same time. I wondered, could I possibly by lying somewhere asleep, dreaming all this?

Suddenly I awoke and realized I was lying on the floor of the Fort Worth Rock House into which I had recently moved. Because the house was constructed of large brown rocks, I referred to it as the Rock House.

Still groggy, I retained a sense of something's being amiss, something not quite right. I began to feel as if a strange spirit were in the room with me, an insubstantial presence exerting a force on me, actually impinging on my body, causing it to move. Gradually the entity seemed more real, until finally I was sure a malevolent spirit was attacking and assaulting me. Worried the spirit might even be the devil, I reached for my .38 caliber revolver lying next to me, and as I picked up the gun, I thought, "Fat lot of good it's going to do you against the devil."

At the same time, I picked up a string of beads which had been lying next to the gun. The beads confounded me, because I didn't recall having had any such beads. My fear and confusion were somewhat neutralized by the feeling that throughout the ordeal, God was communicating with me, trying to tell me something. I began to feel the gun wouldn't be necessary; but I kept it anyway.

Only now, as I continued to lie prone and alert on the floor, did I notice something else quite strange: a large book was lying on my chest. When I took the book into my hand, I saw it was a copy of the Bible. I reflected that this was a book which had no special significance for me, and I even thought of shooting a hole through it with my gun.

Once again I closed my eyes, and once again a force seized my body, this time causing me to move all the way around so my feet were placed where my head had been. Realizing my body had become possessed, I flung open my eyes and stared into the unrelieved darkness, darkness so deep I couldn't make out anything. I had only my foreboding that the devil was about to confront me in the obscurity. Even though I imagined that during the attack the devil would assume many different apparitions and forms, I wasn't terrified, but I felt uneasy. I would have liked to be somewhere else; I would have liked to be back in Portsmouth. I whimpered, "I want out of here. I want my mommy."

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