Dream of: 09 May 1988 (2) "Verrückt Geworden"

I was outside with a group of young people, probably teenagers, probably in a foreign country. They were playing a game in which they hit a ball. One fellow walked up to the place from where the ball was supposed to be hit, but he said he wasn't satisfied with that spot and that he wanted to hit the ball from another spot. So he walked about 20 meters and came to the edge of a high cliff. He wanted to hit the ball over the edge of the cliff.

I looked over the edge of the cliff and saw it was very snowy and icy below. In fact, I realized I must be at the top of a high mountain and I mentioned something to the fellow about my being on top of a mountain, but he maintained that I wasn't on a mountain and that I was on ground level.

I looked around and saw other mountains towered around me. Nevertheless, I still thought I was high on a mountain, and looking once again over the edge of the cliff, I saw a large river in the valley below. The whole area was covered with ice and snow and I was awed by the beauty of it all.

Suddenly a younger boy pulled in on what appeared to be a red bob sled. He was bringing someone in the back of the sled. Now I noticed there were a lot of sled paths in the area through the snow. Apparently the children around here grew up being used to riding the sleds. I wondered what they did when they had to go uphill. Did they pull their sleds uphill?


I was on a train. An elderly woman, who appeared to be the person brought in by the boy on the bob sled, was also on the train and she was looking for someone. I went through the cars with her looking for the person, even though I wasn't exactly sure what it was she wanted. I passed by a refrigerator where there was some food in a container which I left there. I picked it up, looked at it and saw it had gotten old. I put it back in the refrigerator.

As the woman and I continued along, I passed a waiter, who asked the woman something. I then said to the woman, "Bist du verrückt geworden? Der Diener will wissen, und ich weiss nicht was zu ihm zu sagen?"

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