Dream of: 09 May 1988 "Question Of AIDS"

Louise and I were sitting around a table with a group of people drinking what appeared to be cola drinks with straws. The group seemed to be discussing AIDS. I was thinking about having sex with Louise and I thought she would probably be willing. I was now married to someone else, and I thought that fact would encourage Louise to have sex with me. She was married, I was married, and therefore in Louise's eyes, we would both be coconspirators in any sexual involvement which we might have together. Before, when only she had been married, it would have looked bad for her to have had sex with me, an unmarried man.

I remembered once before having tried to have sex with her. I had tried to kiss her while we had been in a car and she had declined. But now I had an image of us both nude together having sex in a pool of water. I thought she was now going to be willing.

The question of AIDS did cross my mind; but I thought there was little chance of either of us giving the other AIDS.

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