Dream of: 03 May 1988 "Do It Again"

Thousands of people and I were at starting gates for a race to go to different places, all apparently in England, to take part in six different plays. All the people were supposed to act out parts in a play and then return to someplace. The first ones back would receive prizes. I had a small role in a play titled Do It Again. I opened a book which had my play in it and looked at my role, only on two pages of the play. I was glad it wasn't a long role. I hadn't yet memorized all my lines, but I had memorized most of them.

Suddenly we all took off in the race and it seemed as if some of the people even went underground. We passed by some posters which described some of the plays. I noticed Weinstein's picture on one of the black and white posters. The name of that play was Panacea and it appeared that Weinstein was going to have a major role in that play.

On the way, we passed by a store which I decided to enter to look for some clothes. An auction was taking place and I noticed my mother standing nearby with a group of people. Finally I bought the jacket of a black, pin-stripped suit. I left the store for a while, then returned and bought the pants for the suit. I only paid $112 for the suit, which seemed like a good buy, since it was probably worth $300. I also thought about buying a camera.


I was standing on a raised level and was looking down over the persons racing for the play. I counted eleven people who were wearing lions' costumes. I knew that those men were actors in the plays and were somehow important in what was happening here.

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