Dream of: 02 May 1988 "Buried Art"

I knew a black woman who was working in what appeared to be a bank, but which also seemed like a school. She had done some research and dug up some little clay statues which appeared to be Indian relics. She was keeping them in what appeared to be a walk-in vault, and she let me come over to see them. I assembled them together on a table and looked them over.

There were about 30 of them in all and I found them to be pretty. One was of an Indian with a feather headdress. Some were of horses. Although some were chipped, I found the collection to be quite impressive. They were obviously works of art. They were small, perhaps three centimeters high at the most. They were rather abstract-looking, especially the horses, and were very primitive-looking. I figured they must be worth at least $200 and perhaps $1,000. But actually, in a way, they were priceless since they were works of art.

Finally I left to do something and when I returned, I discovered the woman had done something with the statues, and I spoke with her about them. I became upset and angry when I learned that she had buried the statues somewhere and I confronted her about it.

Although I had grown attracted to the woman, and I felt as if she also liked me, I become so angry by what she had done that I grabbed her and shook her. I called her names and asked her if she knew what she had been doing. She almost seemed to be in a trance. She almost seemed possessed, perhaps by an evil spirit. Her eyes looked almost red and demonic. I knew she realized the statues were pieces of art, even though they might have been slightly damaged. I was concerned that by burying them again she had damaged the statues even more.

Finally she told me where they were and I let her go. I went to retrieve them.

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