Dream of: 30 April 1988 (2) "Alfalfa"

Apparently I was driving a tractor, because I was pulling a hay bailer behind me. I was going down Symmes Creek Road and was passing by the Finn's farm. Up ahead of me was a car headed toward me, but it was on the wrong side of the road and wouldn't move over to the right side. It seemed to be stopped and finally I decided to simply try to pass it on the left. As I started around it, I saw why it was on the wrong side of the road right behind it was a bulldozer coming my way and if the car had been on the right side of the road, I wouldn't have been able to have passed.

There was still not much space to pass and I was unsure whether I would be able to negotiate it.

While this was going on, I noticed that rows of something green were growing in the field to my left. At first I thought it was corn, but then I realized it was alfalfa. It looked as if someone had irrigated the field and I wondered where the water was coming from. I remembered talking with someone recently about whether there was going to be enough water for the field. It seemed to me that the field belonged to my step-grandfather Clarence and that he had been working hard to make the alfalfa grow.

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