Dream of: 24 April 1988 "Large Pine Tree"

I was in the 29th Street House, trying to think of something to do. It seemed as if I no longer knew anyone there. Weinstein no longer lived in Portsmouth. I thought I would call Buckner's house to see if Buckner might happen to be in town. I called and Mrs. Buckner came on the phone. I asked her if Buckner were home, and she informed me that he wasn't there, that he was visiting his sister Jennie, who had moved out to Otway, Ohio, about 20 miles from Portsmouth.

Since it was the weekend, I thought that sounded good, that I might drive out there. I asked Mrs. Buckner if she could give me the number, and she responded that Buckner had told her not to give the number to anyone.

I asked, "Well, can you call him and tell him I'm at my mother's and then see if he'll call me?"

She seemed reluctant to even do that. But finally she agreed. I could also hear her talking to someone else. It sounded as if her husband Jim Buckner were in the background.

I thought my mother's number was 353-5228, but I wasn't quite sure. So I picked up a phone book and began going through it, looking for my mother's name. I saw the name "Bill Collier," and I also saw some other names of Colliers which had been underlined, but I didn't see my mother's name. I noticed Leland's name, also underlined. Finally I just told Mrs. Buckner that 353-5228 was the number.

Since it still sounded as if Mrs. Buckner was somewhat reluctant to call Buckner, I asked her if she were going to do it right now. I told her if she was going to do it right now, I would wait around a while for Buckner to call. She said she would to it.

I hung up, and decided to walk outside, thinking I could still hear the phone out there. I began walking around until I walked all the way to the corner of Third and Offnere, to the apartment where Birdie used to live. I noticed that the little house next door, where Lisa used to live, was painted red. I also noticed a large pine tree on the corner of the apartment where Birdie used to live. I remembered the tree had just been a small tree when I had last seen it. I thought it had probably been 15 years since I had been there; so the pine tree must have grown in the meantime. There was also a smaller pine tree growing in front of Lisa's old house. I didn't remember having ever seen the tree in front of Lisa's house before. I began thinking about how much larger the pine trees were in Portsmouth than in Texas. There weren't many trees in Texas.

I saw Walls go by, and I wanted to holler to him. I wanted to ask him to look at the pine trees, to see if he remembered the one in front of Lisa's house.

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