Dream of: 22 April 1988 "Distant Skies"

I had been sitting around and had written my first song, which I sang over and over to myself. I sang the first part, which went,

"I haven't seen the sunshine

Since you've been on my mind.

The distant skies are blue,

The clouds a grayish hue."

I played with the song over and over. I felt very good about having written the song, as if I had finally found something which I felt good about doing, as if I had found my métier. I talked about it to a girl who was with me. Finally some fellow walked up and we talked about the song. I then remembered that I had written the song down in a notebook which I lhad left at his house. He spoke about what would happen if he stole the song and had it published. I said, "Well it depends on how much you got out of it. I know if it was over $750 it would be a felony."

He asked, "Well, what if I got ten million?"

I answered, "Well that would be up to ten years. Then it would be a second degree felony."

Then I realized it would actually be a first degree felony and I said, "You could get up to life."

He asked, "What if I got five million dollars for it? Would you give me everything over the five million?"

I answered, "Sure."

I would gladly sell it for five million dollars. He then said, "OK."

He walked off and I hollered to him, "I haven't even finished it yet."

He answered, "Fix it. In the meantime I'll work on this end of it."

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