Dream of: 21 April 1988 "Armadillos In Traps"

A friend and I were in a large barn. A big stack of dirty clothes was here which appeared to be in pretty good shape. We rummaged through them and I saw a blue and a black pin-stripped suit. My friend wanted to burn the clothes up and burn the barn down and was just about to do that when I stopped him. I told him I wanted some of the suits.

Suddenly we heard someone coming and I told him to be quiet. We both lay down with our heads on the clothes as if we were sleeping. A man (probably in his mid 40s) who looked Hispanic walked in. He appeared to be the owner of the barn and the clothes.

We continued acting as if we were sleeping, as if we were just bums passing through. Finally we acted as if we were waking up. The man didn't bother us. We got up, talked with him and finally followed him to the house. It looked as if we might be able to work for him here on the farm. He had a large house and I thought he had a lot of money. As I was wondering how he made his money, I saw a bunch of what looked like Mexican peasants walking toward the house. Some were carrying what appeared to be armadillos in traps. I realized people were trapping animals around there and then bringing them to the man. The man then did something with the animals.

I was concerned, because I thought they might be hurting the animals. It seemed that I had once thought of doing something like that myself; only the way I was going to do it, the animals wouldn't have been hurt. Now I was concerned about working for the man, because I was concerned about the animals.

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