Dream of: 20 April 1988 (2) "Film Project"

I was sitting in a room with a man who apparently was going to try to put together a film company and make a movie in Portsmouth. In front of several other people also in the room, the man asked me to be in charge of a group which would do part of the work on the film. One of the people in the room was a woman (probably in her mid 30s) whom I liked. I was pleased the man had asked me to work in front of her.


I was in a downstairs room at the Gay Street House. I had put up signs at the college and the high school in Portsmouth for people who were interested in helping me work on the film. The room began filling with people who sat in chairs which I had arranged in a circle in the room. At first I was sitting on the floor, but then I rose and sat in a chair. I was going to give an introductory lecture about the film project.

I noticed two women (probably in their 70s) sitting close to each other. I looked at them closely and saw they looked like identical twins. In fact, they were even wearing the same kind of clothes.

Everyone else in the room was young, and I noticed some attractive college girls among them.

My father was also in the room over to my right, observing.

Finally about 20 people were in the room seated in a circle. I began my introductory talk, saying, "There's going to be a film made here in Portsmouth and we're going to need some people to do all aspects of the work."

I continued explaining that I was a lawyer and when I had returned to Portsmouth, I hadn't planned to stay here. But then I had received this offer.

While I was talking, I noticed some fellow directly across from me had stood up and had begun talking on a phone. When I asked him to be still, he stopped talking and sat back down.

Some other people interrupted me with questions. I continued explaining that I was interested in finding people who were genuinely interested in film making. I said this was going to be a unique opportunity for people in Portsmouth. I mentioned there had been various times in my life when I had had a strong desire to become involved in film making, and my father nodded affirmatively.

I mentioned that some people might begin learning more about films by reading the newspaper "Variety." I asked if anyone in the room had ever read it, but no one here had ever even heard of it. I was surprised by that, but then I figured it might be difficult to get the newspaper in Portsmouth. I talked a little more about the newspaper, saying, "It's a film magazine. It has a lot of interesting articles. It talks about the best films of the week and which ones are making money."

I also thought about how Variety had its own special vocabulary which it used, and how interesting that was.

Someone asks me about accounting. I said that I didn't yet have an accountant for my project, but that I was going to need someone. I could use someone who already had some experience in accounting.

I wasn't yet sure how much everyone was going to be paid.

The meeting drew to its end and I asked if anyone had any more questions. After a few more people asked questions, the meeting ended and everyone left.


I was riding a bicycle just east of the US Grant Bridge in Portsmouth. The area was vacant and covered with what looked like white dirt or sand. Some white cattle were grazing here and it looked as if they might be even eating the white dirt. A building was supposed to be constructed here in conjunction with the film project on which I was working.

I had trouble riding through the sand on my bicycle. Some construction seemed to have been going on and some of the sand was even out on the street. The road also appeared to be under construction and it wasn't entirely clear where the lot ended and the road began.

I thought over how everyone was going to be paid who works on the film. I was unsure. I thought how people could be hired to work a couple weeks and then fired without even being paid. Then someone else could be hired. But I didn't think this was that kind of situation.

I thought I might even work for a while and then quit before the film was completed, because I wasn't that happy about being in Portsmouth. But I realized this was indeed a good opportunity for me to work with film. I had a sense I was going to be working on something worthwhile. 

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