Dream of: 20 April 1988 "God Bless America"

I seemed to be camping with a large group of people, not outside, but in a spacious room which resembled a gymnasium. While many of the people and I were traipsing around the room, it suddenly occurred to me to me that if I wanted to, I could fly. After taking a running leap, I rose into the air and began flying all around the high room. I enjoyed the exhilarating feeling of flying so much, I even did three complete somersaults in a row. Able to maneuver adroitly, I dove down close to people on the ground, then flew back toward the ceiling. Although I thought I was impressive, no one seemed to pay much attention to me.

Suddenly I encountered, flying near me, another person who even appeared to be carrying a baby. Intrigued that someone else could be flying around up there, I approached the person and said that I had never seen anyone else who could fly like that. After I said my piece, I didn't stay with the person; I continued on alone, flying around by myself. I felt so happy, I even began singing, "I can fly, I can fly, I can fly."

Finally I perched like a bird high in one corner of the room and began thinking that my ability to fly was a unique power which I possessed. I had worked hard to acquire this power which most people had never developed. I thought there were also other powers which I could develop if I would work on them, powers such as mental telepathy.

Suddenly in my mind I had a vision of my old friend from law school, Leah. I was unsure whether Leah was in the room, but it seemed that for an instant I was communicating with her through mental telepathy. Although I was uncertain, I thought Leah must also have the power of mental telepathy.

I spent the night on my perch and I didn't descend until the next morning. Still feeling happy, when I came down, I was only wearing a shirt, with no pants. I noticed that all the people on the ground were lining up to board a bus and depart. Noticing how happy everyone seemed, I was reminded of a movie which I had recently seen, at the end of which everyone had broken out into a chorus of "God Bless America." So as I walked along, I began singing, "God bless America, land of the free, stand beside her and guide her."

I was surprised to hear other people near me also join in the singing. However we all reached a point in the song where none of us knew the words, and everyone simply began mumbling. I thought I needed to look up those words.

Although I realized all these people were my peers, and that we were all involved with the same kind of work, I still didn't feel close to them. I seemed so unique, I didn't even relate well with the people who did the same kind of work as I.

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