Dream of: 19 April 1988 "Der Spiegel"

I wasn't working at the present and was thinking about returning to college and perhaps studying for a Phd. in something. I was living in Ohio near The Ohio State University, but I was thinking about going to a college in Kentucky called either Kentucky University or University of Kentucky. I had already studied law for one year and credit for that year could be applied toward a Ph.D. I would like to study for only a couple quarters right now and perhaps another year later. It would take me three years in all to get my Ph.D.

After obtaining my Ph.D., I might go to a foreign country and get another Ph.D. in foreign law. I might do it in Mexico. I realized that by the time I was through I would be pretty old, perhaps 45. Most places wouldn't want to hire me because I would be so old. I thought I might want to work for a large international insurance company like Lloyds of London, because I would have experience in two countries. But I might just want to set up a small, private international law practice somewhere.


Some other people and I were are on a train in a foreign country which might be Mexico. A couple girls were sitting to my left talking in German, but I could tell they were Americans. They had some things piled around me, among which was a tiny toy bureau. It was made of wood and intricately designed. It might be a Christmas present and in fact the girls were talking about Christmas. But I thought it was only March or April and that Christmas was still far off. But apparently they were already getting ready for Christmas. Finally I opened one drawer of the little bureau and it appeared to contain some candy. Realizing I shouldn't be snooping in the girls' things, I shut the drawer.

Since I didn't know the girls, I didn't say anything to them. I didn't really feel like getting acquainted with them.

Suddenly we all noticed that about 20 hot air balloons were going up in the air outside. What was strange was that cars were tied to the bottoms of all the balloons. Apparently it was some kind of experiment to see if cars could be taken up by balloons. We all watched for quite a while, becoming absorbed in the event. Finally, as one of the balloons began to fall, I said to the girls, "It's falling!"

We all looked in astonishment as the car and balloon crashed to the ground. We stared in shock as another balloon and car also fell to the ground. We realized someone was probably in the cars and being killed. I wondered if the people had parachutes with them; apparently they didn't.

Finally all the balloons fell. We sat in shock thinking of all the people who must be dying.


I was in a foreign country, visiting a house where Leah seemed to be. My mother was there and my father had also come to visit for a while, planning to help my mother do some work.

I had a copy of the German magazine Der Spiegel in front of me. It had a picture of a lot jewelry on the front and even the words "Der Spiegel" were made from pieces of turquoise jewelry. The top part of the words were covered with something, but I was still able to read them. I went through the magazine from beginning to end. Finally my father stood up and wanted to know why we hadn't yet begun doing our work. I told him we would soon go to do the work for my mother.

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