Dream of: 15 April 1988 "Too Unorthodox"

I was in a scenic, mountainous region, apparently in a foreign country. I was working in a large factory where elaborate machinery was used to manufacture small objects. As I worked, I realized the factory was owned by Vernon. Obviously the factory was worth a lot of money and apparently Vernon, who also worked at the factory, had earned a lot of money from it.

Although I was working hard in the factory, I wasn't charging Vernon anything for my work. As I worked, I realized Vernon was actually a decent person. He had also recorded a song on a record. And I was shown an article which he had written for Newsweek magazine. I was impressed by all this. I finally concluded Vernon wasn't the idiot I had thought him to be. I also decided it was probably good that Louise and Vernon had married.

Living in the factory was an attractive blonde girl (in her teens) who I thought might be the daughter of Louise and Vernon, but who might also be related to me. I felt attracted to the girl in a paternal way and in a romantic way, but I hesitated to tell her.

In one room of the factory, a type of food was produced. It looked as if it consisted of ice cream and other stuff in the middle of a bun. Eggs were used in producing the food. Apparently the food wasn't for humans, but cows liked it. In fact a couple cows were in the room and Vernon began feeding the food to one. The cows loved the food; finally Vernon put the whole thing in the mouth of one cow.

It appeared that Vernon would like for me to start working for him on a regular basis – I was just helping out today and I was sure this was the last day I would be working there. This was simply not the kind of work which interested me. I was too unorthodox to work in a factory like this; but working there today had been stimulating.

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