Dream of: 14 April 1988 "No Turning Back"

I had moved to a Spanish speaking country, probably in South America. Carolina and her mother Paz lived in a country north of the one I was in. I thought I would probably visit Carolina about every two weeks; the idea made me happy.

On this particular day, I went to a recreation area and watched people in a large swimming pool. Then I went to a lake in the recreation area and stood on a bridge over a small stream flowing into the lake. People were swimming in the water under the bridge. I noticed someone wrapped in a white sheet standing on the bridge. Suddenly the person in the sheet fell from the bridge into the water.

I needed a few seconds to realize that if someone didn't go into the water to help the person, the person would drown. After my initial hesitation, I jumped from the bridge into the water and began searching for the person. I began in the middle of the creek and went all the way to the muddy bottom where there appeared to be a lot of junk. I felt around; it was rather disgusting, as if some seaweed might even be down there. The water was only about a meter and a half deep, but I simply couldn't find the person.

I began worrying about how I myself was going to get out of the water. I was under the water when I felt something swim up to me and I grabbed it. I realized it was a dolphin and it took me to the surface. The dolphin was very friendly and apparently was there to help me.

I climbed up on the bridge, where other people were gathered. I could see the dolphin in the water below me. I was worried the other people might try to hurt the dolphin and I told them not to.

While on the bridge, I noticed some people jumping into the water, but no one was diving into it. I thought I might show off some by diving into the water, even though it wasn't deep.

Since a railing was along the side of the bridge, I wouldn't be able to take a run and dive. I would simply have to stand up on the railing and dive. So I climbed up on the railing and dove out into the air. Once in the air, I just hung there for a while looking down. The water looked far away. I was somewhat afraid of falling into the water, but I was out in the air and I couldn't turn back now.

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