Dream of: 13 April 1988 "Entangled"

I went to a movie theater and sat in a seat about half way down the aisle. The movie to be presented dealt with a famous writer and directly in front of me, an exhibit had been set up which told about the writer. A boy walked up, picked up something off a shelf of the exhibit and then showed it to me.

Part of the exhibit consisted of what appeared to be a fireplace, including the chimney and mantle; I figured the fireplace must have derived from the writer's home. Suddenly the same boy began digging into the bottom of the chimney with his bare hands and soon dug down quite deep, pilling up black dirt in front of the chimney. He was obviously looking for something which I imagined the writer must have once hidden under the chimney.

The boy disappeared into the hole which he had dug. When he finally reappeared, he handed me what he had found. Examining closely, I saw that it was a tablet of lined yellow paper. When I opened the tablet, I was surprised to see very precise, neat printing in blue ink covering all pages. The writing seemed done in numbered paragraphs. Some headings of the paragraphs were underlined and I read one underlined part in which the words "awareness" and "expressiveness" appeared.

I immediately showed the tablet to a woman sitting by me who was my mother (not my actual mother). As I told her the tablet might be worth a million dollars, I tried to hold the tablet low so no one else in the theater would see it. I immediately decided I was going to try to take the tablet, and holding it behind me, I headed for the door. When I reached the front of the theater, I saw a woman who worked for the theater and I became afraid she might see what I was doing; but I quickly slipped past her without incident and found myself outside.

I felt exuberant. I was sure the tablet was an important manuscript which no one had ever read. If necessary, I could show the tablet to a handwriting expert to prove that the famous writer had actually written it himself.

Off to my right, something else caught my attention. A boy (around 15 years old) had tied several ropes around a goat and had tied big rocks to the end of each rope. The goat had strayed into some small trees and the ropes had become entangled in the trees. The boy was trying to untangle the ropes. I scrutinized the boy's face and saw that his face had very unusual goat-like features itself. His goat-face seemed very unusual.


Several children were gathered in a circle and were talking about what to do with the manuscript. They seemed quite solemn. One of them said that a girl there would have to marry a boy there who was smaller than the girl. The girl accepted her responsibility, although she indicated the actual decision would have to be made later. Trying to choose her words well, she talked about the "weightiness" and "ponderousness" of the decision.

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