Dream of: 02 April 1988 "Guardian Of The Universe"

I was representing a man whose driver's license had been suspended because he had received too many traffic tickets in one year. The man, his wife and daughter came to consult with me; they told me a story about what had happened one time when the man had been driving a car with his wife in it. He had come up behind a truck and had called the truck driver on a short wave radio which he had had in the car. He had asked the truck driver to pull over to the side of the road so he could pass. But the truck driver had become angry at that. The truck driver had pulled over to the left side of the road. When the car had tried to pass, they had been on a large bridge; the truck had swerved into the car and had almost caused the car to go off the bridge. The car had finally fallen from the bridge.

The daughter (probably 7-8 years old) spoke to me; she described a dream which she once had. She said in the dream she had seen a large white horse in the black sky of the universe. The stars of the universe had appeared to be coming out from under the horse's tail. She also had a copy of a magazine which had a picture in it of a beautiful white horse in the sky. She said the horse had been put in the night sky and when it had grown up it had become the guardian of the universe.

The dream was somehow supposed to relate back to what had happened with the car on the bridge.

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