Dream of: 31 March 1988 "Making Collages"

I was in a class, taking an exam. When I finished, I gave the exam to someone to grade. I saw that I had received a grade of 27, which was high enough since there were only 35 questions on the exam. When the exam was returned to me, I saw that each question had up to four parts. The instructions said that each question had to be answered correctly in order to receive credit. I was uncertain I had been given the right grade.

About 30 people were seated at desks in the room. I saw that Maynard (a female high school classmate) had walked in and sat down in the seat on my right. I turned to her and asked what she was doing these days. She seemed a little ashamed as she told me she was working as a nurse in a hospital. It appeared she didn't like doing it. I was proud I was a lawyer and I wanted to tell her I was one. But I didn't.

I was glad to see Maynard there. I hadn't seen her since junior high school. I remembered how talented she had been and also that she had played flute. I wanted to know what she had been doing since I had last seen her. I spoke with her about collages. She said she very much enjoyed making collages. I told her I liked making collages more than anything else. I added, "You should see all the pictures I have."

I enjoyed talking about collages. I felt a little bad because I hadn't made any recently. But I wanted to show her what I had done. While we talked I crossed my legs in a lotus position. All at once my seat broke and I fell to the floor, still in the lotus position. I examined the chair to see if I could repair it. A woman in front of me said, "Nice tie."

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