Dream of: 29 March 1988 "Falling In The River"

I found myself on a strange beach looking for someone whom I knew. It appeared that some friends of mine lived here. I encountered someone who seemed like Salvador Ibarra. A female friend of mine was in a nearby boat. She appeared to be Biester. I went into the water so I could climb into her boat. She saw me and we spoke with each other.


I had gone to a house to spend the night, and when I awakened the next morning, I somehow destroyed a child, which apparently died.

I walked into the next room, where I found a girl (11-12 years old) seated in a fire in the room. She put her head over top of the fire so it burnt her forehead, but apparently the fire didn't hurt her. Instead the fire formed a type of charcoal sculpture of her face. It was a type of transformation from which she was twice able to come out of without suffering any damage.

When the process began again, something seemed to be going wrong, because the girl's face began to fall apart. It appeared that she was choking. I tried to pull her from the fire, but part of her head fell into the fire and began to burn. Now I didn't know what to do, because it appeared that she was dead. A man walked in from the next room. I was afraid to say anything, but I knew if I didn't, the girl would probably die. I called to the man, and together we pulled the girl's body from the fire. She was already dead.


My father, two boys (each around 5 years old) and I were beside a river. I still felt bad about the death of the girl, but now I had to cross the river with my father and the two boys. To get across the river, it was first necessary to climb a large ladder. The others started up the ladder and I followed. They climbed up very high, until I finally told the boys that it might be best if I went in front of them. They agreed, but before I could pass them, the ladder began to move and started falling. I screamed to them not to let go of the ladder, because I was afraid if they fell into the river, I wouldn't be able to save them.

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