Dream of: 27 March 1988 "Visiting Luxembourg"

I was buying an airplane ticket in an airport. The person who sold me the ticket told me where to go. I realized I needed to hurry because the plane was about to leave. I went through a hallway, following the indicated direction, but soon found I was lost. I saw a door and asked someone standing inside it where the airplane was. The person told me I needed to go through the hallway on the left, and that I needed to hurry because the plane was going to leave. I took off running and saw a black plane. The steps leading to the plane had just been taken away. I made gestures with my hands that they shouldn't let the plane leave. The steps were then returned to the plane.


I was on a bus on which I had been traveling for a long time in Europe. A nun was sitting in the seat next to me. I didn't speak to her until we reached a city. I didn't know where we were until I saw a clock in the top of a tower. I then recognized that we were in Luxembourg and I said to the woman, "We're in Luxembourg."

She knew that because she lived here. She began describing what she did here. She seemed to be well educated. I told her I also used to live here. She asked me why I had lived here and I told her I had been studying. She asked me what I had studied and I told her German. Actually I had been studying French when I had lived in Luxembourg, but I told her German because I spoke it better than French. Finally I said, "Ich spreche gutes deutsch."

Another, younger nun smiled when I said that.

The bus stopped and everyone began getting off. I suddenly remembered I had some friends whom I wanted to visit in the city. Perhaps I didn't have time, since I was just passing through and I didn't know how long we would be staying here.

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